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How can I find out more about my watch based on its serial numbers ?

For any information regarding the production date, the model or the caliber of your watch, we invite you to register your request and to provide the elements required for our Search on the appropriate page : Extract from the registers page

This service will enable you to obtain the information corresponding to the serial numbers of your watch in the Registers of the Manufacture (according to the information available).


This document may not be used to certify the authenticity  of your watch, and does not include any estimate.

How can I obtain certification that my watch and its components originate from Zenith?

Our team of specialists is available to conduct a detailed analysis of your watch and to determine on this basis, along with information from the Archives of the Manufacture, the extent to which its components are the original ones. If such is the case, your watch will be returned to you accompanied by a Certificate of Origin, providing a portrait of your watch based on a detailed description of its model, its functions, its calibre, its case, its dial and its production date (in light of the information available in the Archives and an in-depth examination of your timepiece by our specialists). Wherever possible, this certificate is accompanied by reproductions of historical catalogue extracts or vintage adverts corresponding to your watch model.

How can I identify the production quantities for my watch model/my watch movement?

Manufacture Zenith provides information on total production quantities exclusively for limited series. If such is the case, this information will appear in the “Extract from the Registers” document which we invite you to order via the corresponding page: Extract from the registers page

How can I renew the guarantee card for my watch?

The Manufacture does not issue any substitute guarantee cards. If the guarantee card has been lost or stolen, we invite you to contact the store where your watch was purchased.

How can I get an estimate for the value of my watch?

Manufacture Zenith does not issue any estimates.

Given that the current value of your watch entirely depends on the fluctuations of the vintage watch market, we recommend that you contact an auctioneer specialising in the sale of historical models on the current market in order to obtain information in this regard.

How can I provide my insurance company/authorities with information on the value of my watch?

To obtain an estimate of the potential current value of your watch, we recommend that you contact an auctioneer specialising in historical models. In case of theft and providing the information is available, the Manufacture will directly inform the police of the retail price at its date of purchase, in exchange for a declaration of theft.

How do I have my watch serviced?

We invite you to bring your watch to the nearest authorised Zenith Service Centre (Store locator) to obtain information relating to its maintenance.

How do I offer my model to the Zenith museum?

Manufacture Zenith with its 150 years of history willingly examines any proposals of donations (to be listed in the museum inventory along with your name) or purchases that might serve to enrich the collections. With this in mind, we invite you to send good pictures of your model (taken from the front, the side, the back as well as its movement, serving to identify its various serial numbers) to the following email address: info@zenith-watches.com.In case of interest, our Heritage team will arrange to receive your donation, or will ask you to suggest a price and to send us your watch to have it examined in the Manufacture (if a purchase is proposed). If required, we kindly request that you contact an auctioneer or specialised retailer to determine the potential value of your timepiece.

How can I add a vintage Zenith model to my collection?

We congratulate you on your choice and recommend that you contact an authorised Zeith retailer/antique dealer or a specialised auctioneer for guidance on your acquisition.

How can I find out more about current models?

Request the latest Zenith catalogue from your nearest Zenith boutique or point of sale, or from the following email address (while indicating your own postal address)) : info@zenith-watches.com.